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Ogham Art | Your Presence Written in the Past
Ogham Art | Your Presence Written in the Past
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Celtic Tree of Life Tapestry

Pure Country Weavers - Irish Celtic Tree of Life Tapestry Woven Boho Throw Blanket with Fringe Cotton USA Size 54x54

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Regular price $44.95 $44.95

Brand: Pure Country Weavers

Color: Multicolor


  • This Pure Country Weavers iconic fringed throw is a tradition in households everywhere -  make a beautiful blanket statement with this oversized and extra soft Artisanally woven throw.  The perfect weight for year round use, this is your go to blanket for all occasions.
  • Great for cuddling on the couch, grabbing a nap, picnics or relaxing in bed or on the beach, throws make excellent travel companions.
  • As a gift to yourself or a friend, this blanket will bring comforting memories and warm feelings that will last a Lifetime.  People will always remember how you Made them feel when they receive this hug of a blanket.
  • Quality FROM one of the last Great American textile Mills.  As Locally skilled artisans, we focus on quality and design.  Carefully woven by American Craftsman to last a Lifetime. We have over 2, 000 designs to choose from.
  • Relax in comfort from head to toe with your lush Full sized cotton woven throw blanket.  Adds a touch of texture to your decor either at the end of your bed, draped on a couch or hung on a wall.  Eight Miles of thick soft Cotton come together to create this rich design that feels like a hug.

Publisher: Pure Country Weavers

Release Date: 2017-07-10

Details: You can feel the rich Celtic tradition in the gorgeous woven tapestry blanket. Centered on the Blanket encased in flowing knots is Celtic rendition of the tree of life. Two figures are floating in the center, surround by a curtain, a fox, a horse and a fish. Carefully woven by artist Jan Delyth, this wall tapestry renders the tree of life in Celtic form through the intricate linking of various Celtic knots. Cool green and blue tones lend this tapestry a mystical feel while the complex interlacing patterns give the design a remarkable complexity.

UPC: 666576121008

EAN: 0666576121008

Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 13.4 x 3.3 inches

Here is a brief summary of the Ogham alphabet.  Stay tuned for more detailed posts in the days to come.  Sign up below for the Ogham Art Newsletter to receive email notifications about new postings, blogs, products and events.

Colleen & Chris


Ogham is the earliest written form of Primitive Irish, the oldest of the Gaelic languages. Ogham was first used in Ireland and parts of England, Scotland and Wales between the 2nd and 6th centuries. Though its actual origins remain a mystery today, it is believed the Celts desired a cryptic alphabet that could not be deciphered by Roman Britain.

Ogham Alphabet

Represented as a series of perpendicular and intersecting lines, this ancient script is thought to be influenced by the Latin alphabet using 20 characters. It is most commonly written vertically and is read from bottom to top. When presented horizontally, it is read from left to right.

Ogham was carved into stones and trees to mark land boundaries or to commemorate a member of the community. Today there are roughly 400 surviving stones featuring proper names, ancestral and tribal affiliations, and Latin words.
Ogham Stone Kilmalkedar Dingle County Kerry