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Ogham Art | Your Presence Written in the Past
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NOTE: These collages were put together using images found on the internet. The intent and use is purely for educational and entertainment purposes.  If you own the rights to any of these photographs and would either like credit or want the photo removed from this cultural page, please email us at info@oghamart.com.


You can say that Irish-Americans are out of this world….and mean it! Today we celebrate just a few of Irish descent who weightlessly made the history books. 

Michael Collins

Michael Collins flew two space missions: Gemini 10 in 1966 and Apollo 11 in 1969. His grandfather emigrated from County Cork in the 1860s.

Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan

Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan flew three shuttle missions and was the first American female astronaut to walk in space. Her grandfather left County Cork for the States in 1893.
Cady Coleman

Catherine Grace Coleman is a veteran of two space shuttles and was a crew member of Expedition 27 on its expedition to the International Space Station. On St. Patrick’s Day in 2011, Cady wowed us earthlings by playing some tunes on the ISS using Matt Molloy’s e-flat flute and Paddy Moloney’s penny whistle! 

Mark & Scott Kelly

Twin brothers Mark and Scott Kelly are the only two siblings to have both traveled in space - both as NASA Space Shuttle pilots. They celebrate their Irish heritage on their father’s side.


 Descendants of Irish immigrants have contributed to the American business world for over 100 years. From executives to industrialists, their impact has been substantial and sometimes controversial. Today we feature four Irish-American businesspeople who made their mark.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is best known as the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Henry’s father William was born in County Cork.

Anne Sweeney

Recognized by Fortune and Forbes magazines as one of the most powerful women in business, former Disney executive Anne Sweeney traces her Irish roots to counties Meath, Kerry and Mayo.
Kathleen Murphy

Lawyer and business executive Kathleen Murphy has been featured on the power lists of Fortune, U.S. Banker, Irish America, Investment Advisor, and American Banker. She has an honorary degree from University College Cork, her father’s ancestral home.

Jack Welch

Jack Welch, Chairman & CEO of General Electric, was born in Peabody, MA, a city with one of the largest percentages of Irish-Americans in the U.S.